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The Good Life Farm Co Hive Share Program

A hive share enables you to co-manage a bee hive on The Good Life Farm via a yearly subscription.

Essentially, a hive share subscription provides us with the funds to purchase a new hive, while offering subscribers the chance to:

  • Learn how to build a bee hive;

  • Open your bee hive with our support;

  • Harvest your own honey;

  • Learn the specifics of bee keeping; and

  • Increase the bee population. 


Behind the Concept

The concept of ‘hive sharing’ was born when some friends from Melbourne wanted to start beekeeping but were unsure of how to care for their bees. 

They were also not sure if they wanted to commit to having a hive full time. At the same time, I wanted to increase the number of hives I owned. 

We agreed that for a set fee, I would purchase a hive in their name, and for the next 12 months they could visit our farm to learn how to care for the bees, build hive boxes, and extract honey.

At the end of the year they could buy the hive or allow us to begin managing it.

It worked. So here we are! If you like the sound of our concept please send your expressions of interest for Spring 2019 to Claire and Paul on 0403 843 314 or email