Where do you deliver?

Our Good Life Direct egg delivery service covers Bendigo all the way to Melbourne. We currently offer a combination of direct addresses and central drop off locations. Contact us at hello@thegoodlifefarmco.com.au! for more information.

Do your eggs contain gluten?

Yes, our eggs may contain traces of gluten

Do you have any roosters in your flock?

There are no roosters in our flock.

Do you clip your chickens wings?

No, our chickens are free to fly wherever they like, but they have it so good that they choose to stay.

Are your chickens ever locked in?

We don’t lock our chickens up day or night. They are very well guarded from Mr & Mrs Fox by an amazing, poultry trained Maremma dog called Luca.

How do I know that my eggs are fresh?

We ‘candle’ each and every egg to test for quality and freshness. All our eggs are transported in eskies. When you visit our Farmers' Market stall you will also find our eggs for sale are stored in eskies.