The Good Life Farm Co is a family-run ethical farm based in Victoria's beautiful Macedon Ranges. We produce premium paddock eggs laid with love by healthy, free range chickens, as well as seasonal, small batch pork and honey. We also run a program called Hive Share which is a chance for you to co-manage a bee hive with us.  A yearly subscription will allow us to purchase a new hive and offer you the chance to learn how to build a bee hive,to open your bee hive with our support, and to harvest your own honey. Read more about our Hive Share program here.

Animal welfare and sustainability is at the heart of all the decisions we make on the farm. And the personal relationships we have with our customers is what drives us to work 24 hours, 7 days a week. 

We're excited about the future and look forward to sharing our journey with people passionate about the food they eat and the life it has led. 

To a good life for all!
x Claire and Paul

The Kyneton Community Lunch Team is proud to prepare meals made with
The Good Life Farm Co Eggs. Their commitment to environmentally sustainable farming practices and low food miles compliment our own philosophy on sharing a meal created with produce that is locally grown with ethical values
— Catherine Christmass, Kyneton Community Lunch Coordinator
My family loves The Good Life Farm Co. fresh eggs. The yolks are beautiful and yellow. They are delicious and have been great for baking of gobbled down on their own. Yum!
— Nareena Bloomfield, Regular Egg Customer

Community Engagement

The Good Life Farm Co. proudly supports the Kyneton Community Lunch