Hello! We're Claire and Paul from The Good Life Farm Co in Victoria's beautiful Macedon Ranges. Our little family business has organically grown from our eldest son Hugh's passion for raising chooks. At the ripe old age of four he started up a little egg enterprise called 'Hugh's Hens' to make pocket money. 

Inspired by Hugh, in October 2017 we decided to follow our passion for ethical farming and dive headlong into the business, re-branding as The Good Life Farm Co. 

With our primary focus on free range eggs, we purchased new mobile chook caravans and 600 pullets to join our existing flock of 100+ hens. Within six months we built another luxury mobile coop named 'The Millennium Chicken' to house an additional flock of 600. 


The kids are a brilliant help and really hands-on in the business, helping to collect, wash, stamp and pack eggs ready for sale. Hugh is crowing with pride at the business he helped create, and is really excited at the growth of 'his enterprise'.

Sustainability underpins everything we do, from our house design and family lifestyle to the way we approach our work. Previously vegetarians for ten years, we believe strongly in the welfare of animals. 

It's been a big leap of faith going into farming, but we know our loyal customers and the local community are behind us all the way!

To a good life for all!
x Claire and Paul