The Good Life Farm Eggs

The Good Life Farm eggs are 100% free range, pastured eggs. They’re laid by super happy chooks that roam our farm from sunrise to sunset. It’s a good life.

Our entire philosophy on The Good Life Farm revolves around 360 degree ethical farming, including:

  • Where we procure our pullets from,

  • Finding our girls suitable homes for 'retirement'

  • The standard of mobile chicken coops we use

  • Ratio of free ranging hens per hectare

  • Recycled egg cartons made in Australia; and

  • Recycled package labels

Animal welfare and sustainability is at the heart of all the decisions we make.

A day in the [Good Life] of our happy hens

Our happy little ladies lead an idyllic country life, roaming wild from sunrise to sunset....

And to ensure there’s plenty of room for activities at 'The Good Life Chook Day Spa', we keep our ratio of chickens to just 300 per hectare, which is exceptional by industry free range standards.

The girls are protected in their paddocks by professional ‘furry’ poultry guardians. Our maremma dogs are the most amazing carers of The Good Life chooks as they forage during the day and roost in their cosy homes at night.

maremma dogs at the good life farm co.jpg

The Good Life chook routine

Our healthy hens pass their daylight hours foraging grassy pastures under the shade of gum trees, then toddle home to roost for the night inside comfortable mobile 'chook caravans'.

These five star chook caravans are moved regularly around the farm, providing fresh land to grub around in. This technique is also part of our regenerative farming method, ensuring all the paddocks receive an equal portion of chicken love, with nutrient-rich chook poo adding natural goodness back into the soil.

Free Range Chooks The Good Life Farm.jpg

We chose our chook caravans based on the high standard of welfare conditions they offer chickens. Not all chook caravans meet these 'five star' levels. Our caravans ensure maximum comfort for roosting hens, so they have plenty of room to wriggle their fluffy bottoms, flap their wings, snooze peacefully and lay eggs joyfully.

Free range chooks at the good life farm co.jpg

The Good Life chook diet

Our chickens eat naturally foraged food supplemented by a healthy diet of grains. We do not use hormones, and do cool things like feed our chooks apple cider vinegar, garlic and probiotics to boost their immune systems.

The Good Life Farm Chooks.jpg

Where to buy The Good Life eggs

You can buy our tasty pastured eggs via our Love Your Farmer Good Life Farm Box Subscription, farmers’ markets and select wholefood stores.

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